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eps custom cut shapes

Using state of the art CAD software and experienced staff Koolfoam can provide custom cut EPS shape to your specifications.

Advantages of Expanded Polystyrene

  • Lightweight, easy to move and transport.
  • Excellent stability and strength, making it ideal for stage props, exhibitions etc.
  • Durable, so you can use it over and over again.
  • Can be cut to almost any size or shape you desire and easily painted/decorated.
  • Easy and fast to produce, and much more cost-effective than alternative materials.

EPS for event props and signage

Koolfoam EPS is for creative and artistic applications.  Our products are well suited to bringing exhibitions, movie, and theatre productions and other events to life.  At Koolfoam we cut to your desired shape.  It  is lightweight and easy to move..

Capture prospective customers’ attention.  Your shop sign will be the first thing they see with  3D signage.  Koolfoam  ensures you will make a great first impression.  The durability and cost-effectiveness and ease of use will help you stand out.  We can quickly and accurately cut letters, shapes and logos with our computer software and cutting equipment for you perfect signage.

EPS for shop fittings

What better way is there to show off your products than with eye-catching EPS shop fittings? From mannequins to memorable shop window displays that drag in new customers, EPS provides an extremely versatile and cost-effective product to craft unique shapes and designs. It’s lightweight and easy to move and set-up, and only limited by your own imagination. Once you have a design in mind, you can leave it to us.

EPS for cake dummies

A special occasion is made all the more special with a perfect cake to match, and whether you’re crafting a display wedding cake, or you want to add extra to the real thing, then our EPS cake dummies are the ideal choice!
Koolfoam can send small orders via post or courier, direct to you.

Get your custom cut EPS shapes today!

Have a great use in mind for our custom cut EPS? We’ll be happy to help make that vision a reality, so get in touch and we’ll provide a solution that will tick every box.

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