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Koolfoam is based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia and was founded in 1981. In that time we have built an enviable reputation for high-quality EPS products, with quick, reliable and friendly service that's sure to meet all your requirements.

100% Recyclable

Brisbane based MANUFACTURER

reliable & prompt

What is Koolfoam?

Whether you're looking for a construction solution, pipe insulation, packaging or insulation for garages & sheds, Koolfoam EPS is the perfect insulation for commercial and residential situations. From sub-zero temperatures to hot water pipes, our products won't let you down.  

Why choose Koolfoam?

  • Insulation - (garage doors, patios, sheds, pipes)
  • Packaging - (protection for valuables and fragile items)
  • Construction & formwork - (blockouts and plugs, moldings, secant piling, void filling)
  • Signwriting - (event props, displays, lettering, profile cutting)

Whether large or small, you are important to Koolfoam

Expanded Polystyrene:

EPS Sheets

EPS sheets provide a simple yet effective and reliable solution for all your domestic and commercial insulation needs.

EPS Blocks

Our EPS is available in various different dimensions, densities and thicknesses, allowing you to get your order just right.

EPS Custom Shapes

One of the best things about Koolfoam is our versatility and ability to satisfy our customers’ needs, whatever they may be.

Applications for Expanded Polystyrene:

Home Insulation

Polystyrene sheets provide a highly versatile option for insulation of various structures, including walls, ceilings, roofs, sheds, garage doors, underfloor insulation and so much more. 


Expanded Polystyrene is the number one choice for your next construction job. Roof, floor and wall insulation cut to size for sheds and coldroom floors, bridge, rail and road widening schemes.

Pipe Insulation

If you’re after even more efficient pipe insulation, then our KoolfoamULTRA EPS is our cutting-edge product that offers even better thermal insulation than white EPS.


Thanks to its inherent properties (such as insulation, shock-absorbance and strength) and cost-efficient manufacturing, EPS makes the perfect packaging material for a variety of products.


It’s essential that you capture prospective customers’ attention, and since your shop sign will be the first thing people see, 3D signage is an excellent idea.

Cake Dummies

Here at Koolfoam we can provide you with your cake dummies in a large range of standard sizes or can make any custom shape you desire. 

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