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Expanded Polystyrene Blocks

Koolfoam EPS blocks are available in different dimensions, densities and thicknesses.                        With our FREE CAD design service, it’s never been easier! Find out more about our EPS blocks below. 

EPS for signwriters

Koolfoam EPS is a firm density grade, ideal for 3D letters or advertising. Our machinery and experienced operators can produce custom shapes in a range of sizes and fonts. Whatever you’re looking for we’ve got you covered. 

EPS for stage design

If you’re in the movie or theatre business Koolfoam EPS ensures that your designs will be centre stage. We’re happy to offer custom stage design set pieces, and can offer a competitive quote on an almost limitless array of shapes, sizes and designs. 

EPS for sculptors

Looking for the perfect medium for your next project? Instead of a blank canvas, why not start with an EPS block, ready to carve, paint and decorate however you desire? Easy to work with, the possibilities are endless for making a real statement piece.

EPS for pipe insulation

If you’re after even more efficient pipe insulation, then our Koolfoam ULTRA EPS is our cutting-edge product that offers even better thermal insulation than white EPS. Its graphite particles reflect and absorb both heat and infra-red radiation, making it up to 35% more efficient than regular Koolfoam. 

EPS for concrete formwork

Whatever your project, our EPS void formers are far superior to concrete on its own, as they provide extra built-in layers of insulation and reduce dead weight. Safe, cost-effective and versatile, our EPS has been/can be used on a wide range of construction projects, and can be designed to the appropriate shape for e.g. bridge beams, elevated motorways and much more. 

EPS for plumbing drainage

Koolfoam also specialise in providing concrete formwork for stormwater drainage systems, and it’s an excellent choice thanks to its moisture resistance among other things. 

What is the Koolfoam R Value?

The 'R' value, or Thermal Resistance of a material, expresses the ability of a particular thickness of that material to resist heat flow.

The definition of R value is the reciprocal of the material's thermal conductance (C value).

The R value refers to the thermal resistance of a material, or assembly of materials such as the wall of a building, and is used to find the overall thermal resistance of an assembly of materials by simply adding individual component R values.

Some comparisons of R Values for some common building materials

- Brickwork, 110mm = R0.18
- Weather boards, 12 mm avg, pine = R0.08
- Concrete slab, 2400kg/m3, 100mm = R0.069
- Plaster board, 10mm = R0.059
- Fibre cement sheet, 6mm = R0.019

Expanded Polystyrene Class "S"

 Australian Standard AS/NZS 4859.1-2018

Material Thickness mm

W/mK at 23°C

R value



R 0.69



R 1.06



R 1.39



R 1.81



R 2.08



R 2.78

Koolfoam ULTRA

The new dimension in thermal and building insulation products

What are graphite particles doing in expanded polystyrene (EPS)? They both reflect and absorb heat and infra-red radiation. The result is grey EPS with a new dimension in insulation performance – up to 30% more efficient than white EPS.

Suggested uses:

  • Pipe insulation
  • Underfloor insultaion with out without foil

R Values for Koolfoam ULTRA

Thickness mm





R 0.42



R 0.81



R 1.61



R 2.42



R 3.23

Like the sound of our versatile EPS blocks? Whether you want to make an order, or would like to consult our expert team on the right product for your needs, we’ll be happy to help. Contact us to get started.

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