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Is your garage too hot or too cold?

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Koolfoam Blocks

For sculptors, signwriters, stage design for theatre, movie sets and artists or anyone who needs large blocks to shape to their creations.

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Koolfoam EPS is easy to cut to shape and apply

Choose Koolfoam EPS or KoolfoamULTRA for superior insulation

KoolfoamULTRA is white EPS with graphite added.
Choose KoolfoamULTRA for improved insulation, increased levels of energy efficiency, reduced environmental impact and to lessen a building’s carbon footprint

Expanded polystyrene (EPS) is a lightweight cellular plastic foam with an extraordinary number of applications and uses. It is commonly associated with filling, packaging and coolroom insulation but its application extends well beyond that.

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The new dimension in thermal and building insulation products

What are graphite particles doing in expanded polystyrene (EPS)? They both reflect and absorb heat and infra-red radiation. The result is grey EPS with a new dimension in insulation performance – up to 35% more efficient than white EPS.

KoolfoamULTRA the new dimension in insulation

R value refers to the thermal resistance of a material/materials.

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Suggested uses:

> Pipe insulation

> Underfloor insulation with or without foil

KoolfoamULTRA sheets - cut to size
KoolfoamULTRA pipe insulation
KoolfoamULTRA and EPS pipe insulation