Koolfoam manufactures and supplies Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) products


Concrete formwork

Void former can be manufactured to most shapes specified by designers for projects such as bridge beams, elevated motorways etc in which void forming is fundamental to modern design.

Drainage (stormwater)

Koolfoam specialise in concrete formwork for stormwater drainage

Secant pile walls

Polystyrene is a low cost, simple method of accurately forming guides for secant piled walls

Bolt sleeves - scuppers

Ideal for leaving a void for bolts in cast concrete - may be dissolved after use

Prestressed concrete

Polystyrene blocks are commonly used to reduce the amount of concrete poured

Concrete in place after Koolfoam secant mould removed
Koolfoam engineers secant moulds to your specifications
Scuppers - formed to your specification by Koolfoam
Concrete void form