Koolfoam manufactures and supplies Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) products

Koolfoam polystyrene in the marine environment


In the construction of marinas and many other marine applications the buoyancy of EPS can support more weight that alternative materials
eg a cubic metre of EPS with a density of only 16kg/m3 has a buoyancy of 984kg!

Empty enclosures can be punctured and lose buoyancy but a fill of EPS prevents sinking whilst EPS stays in place.

Installation is quick and easy requiring minimal labour and therefore expense; its non-irritant, non-allergenic and odourless nature makes it superior to other insulation alternatives.

Koolfoam EPS is light, water and steam resistant, unaffected by fungi and bacteria, and will not support insect or pest life.


Used for buoyancy in the construction of boats of all sizes


A cost effective flotation material in the production of pontoons - easily formed and long lasting in a marine environment