Koolfoam manufactures and supplies Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) products

Insulate your garage, patio or shed

Outstanding insulation at an economical price




Insulate your garage door

Roof, Ceiling, Underfloor, Walls, Garage Doors, Sheds

EPS offers outstanding insulation from roof to ground at an economical price:

• At home - insulate your roof, patio, garden shed, garage doors

• Commercial buildings - insulate factories, workshops or warehouses

• Resistant to water and water vapour penetration

• EPS does not support insects or pests

• Self-supporting and lightweight

• Superior R-values per 25mm of insulation

Koolfoam EPS is easy to cut to shape and apply

Easy to cut

Plumbing Drainage

EPS can be cut to just about any profile to protect pipes and even helps with water flow away from a wall or pipes.


Koolfoam EPS when used in conjunction with other more rigid materials becomes an excellent acoustic blocker.

Potting mix

Add Koolfoam EPS to aerate potting mix - your plants will thank you!


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